August 10, 2011

Teacher Mailboxes

My students are constantly making drawings, paintings, cards, and letters for me and my assistant. We needed a place to put these treasures so they did not sit in a pile & clutter up the room. I decided to make a set of teacher mailboxes.
I started with an old wooden letter holder (Hello, 1970's!!!) that my mom gave me. I cut tan cardstock into a circle and two rectangles. I used letter stamps and brown ink to print the word "mail" and our names on the cardstock. Then I attached the cardstock with heavy double sided craft tape.
It's perfect to go in the writing center or next to the student's mailboxes! And it is a way to "upcycle" something that might have been otherwise thrown away.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jill!

    Cute idea! It was nice to see you at the Big Books workshop. Have a good year!