August 3, 2011

Kid Number Roll

This is a simple game that is perfect for the Math Center. I cut the kid pics out of a strip of bulletin border. (* Hint: Look in the sale room of the local teacher store or at the Dollar Tree for cheap border!) Then I wrote a numeral on the front of each child's shirt. After gluing it on a piece of construction paper, I wrote the number word under each child. Laminate and the game is done!
Roll one die and place a bingo chip, glass gem, counter, or other manipulative on the correct number. Keep rolling until all kids/numbers are covered.
Looking for ways to extend the game? Make the children wear the numbers 1-12 and use two dice. OR if you have more time, play the "never ending" version. The first time you roll a number, put a manipulative on. The next time the number comes up, take the manipulative off. Keep rolling until all the kids/numbers are covered.

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