August 2, 2011

Can You Find the Letter?

Can you find the letters? Your kids can with this fun big book and pointers!
The big book is easy. Type and print the words (below). Glue one set to each page. Laminate the words and several different die cut letters. Velcro the die cut letters into the book. As you sing the song, take off the letter and hand it to the child. Ask them to find that letter in the classroom.
Can You Find The Letter? (tune to "The Muffin Man")
Can you find the letter ___?
The letter ___?
The letter ___?
Can you find the letter ___?
Somewhere in our room
Build literacy even more by creating fun pointers. Child Care Land ( has a fun idea for using bathtub toys and sequins to make letter pointers. (You can also use a foam letter puzzle!) OR take inexpensive magnifying glasses (think Dollar Tree or Oriental Trading) and write a letter on each. Let the kids use these pointers to find letters throughout the room.
Cheap, easy, and full of literacy!

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