June 29, 2011

Welcome to Kinder Friends Learning!

Welcome to Kinder Friends Learning! Kinder Friends Learning is an online resource for early childhood educators and families. This is not my first attempt at sharing on the internet. I have had my own website since I began teaching in 1999. The most recent, Kinder Friends, had information about my classroom and had lots of great ideas. However, during the last few years, family, work, and school have kept me busy. Rather than spend time updated a very out-of-date website, I decided to start fresh!
The plan is to keep the Kinder Friends website (www.kinderfriends.com) online for a few more months so that people can save the ideas. My focus, however, will be on the new blog, Kinder Friends Learning. As I prepare for a new school year, I will post what I am doing. Throughout the school year, I will continue to update what is happening in the classroom. I encourage you to sign up to follow the blog. I anticipate a LOT of great ideas!
I appreciate your support in this exciting endeavour!

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